Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple Chiffon Top

Hello Hello!
So I made this top awhile ago (November? December?) but we all know that I am not the blog queen.
I got the material from the clearance section at WalMart. (Is there a clearance fabric section in heaven? There has to be!)  It was $1.50/yd. I got two yards and from that made both a skirt and this top. Maybe someday I will get around to showing you the skirt.
I didn't use a pattern for the top, just cut out a basic dolman sleeve outline and faced the neck with a self-made bias tape from the extra material.  I wish I would have done something different on the sleeve... I just did a rolled hem for the sleeve and it looks kinda 'wirey' and isn't as flowy as I'd like. You can kinda tell in the photo... But, hey, for $1.50 it looks pretty fine and I plan on wearing a jacket over it any way. (Since it's been winter, I haven't really had the option NOT to.) But for the inexpensiveness of the material, it is actually pretty high quality. I've gotten much more terrible chiffon in the $5-$6 range, so I'm very pleased!
My barely 3 year old took the photo with my phone. But these days, thats about as good as it's gonna get for you. Too big of a pain to use a 'real' camera, and the only person around who can take a photo for me is a preschooler. I think he did a decent job. I said "I want a picture of my shirt" and this is what he gave me. (after I cropped a giant empty wall off the side.)
I really like the pattern and how it cascades off the shoulders. I feel like it's hard to find interesting patterns, especially in chiffon. You might find a floral (for big $$. I'm in love with one at JoAnn that is $8/yd. Can't justify that!) but it is usually an all-over print. Something like this, with the print on just one part, is rare. And because of that I think it gives it a more professional, store-bought look. Also taking extra care to line up the print and center it on your body definitely helps take away the homemade-ness of it all.

Have a lovely February, if I don't return before then!

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  1. Great looking top! Your son did a great job with the camera phone!
    Saw your blog link in your comment where you got the free long sleeve shirt pattern for your son.
    I plan on making one for my grandson.