Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Where have I been?

Nearly six weeks ago, on September 29th, I had a baby. He wasn't supposed to arrive until next week. So thats where I've been the past while. As far as my excuses for the past six months or so: 1. my computer is s.l.o.w. so it takes forever to write and publish a post. Also both the battery charging and wireless internet connecting capabilities are gone so I have to sit in the corner of the living room with a million (2) cords. 2. I lost the camera battery charger and the SD card, because I am not an organized person. Loading photos from my phone onto slow computer is excruciating. Who wants a post with no pictures? 3. I am not an organized person. 4. excuses, excuses 5. I was pregnant. 6. it was summer 7. I am a terrible blogger. But you already knew that. But now I've been lying awake in bed for 3 hours and I'm thinking it's about time I try this again. Reading other peoples successful blogs will do that to you.