Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chores for Toddlers (part two) - vacuuming and mirrors

Okay, I know! For being "back" I'm sure not doing a very great job. I really don't know how these supermoms do it with several kids and yet they still post all the time, complete with cute pictures and super creative activities. I'm lucky if we've got clean clothes and food to eat.

Aaaanyway, back to Riley's chore chart.  We've been doing this for several weeks and it has been working pretty well.  He still thinks that getting to color in the picture is it's own reward, so we haven't had to set any goals or rewards.  He usually does three or more of the six things listed for each day, which I consider a major improvement. (He actually likes brushing his teeth now!)  So I thought I'd tell you how he accomplishes some of the more traditional 'chore' items on his chart.  Today we'll do vacuuming and washing the mirrors, because that's what I've taken photos of so far.

**Disclaimer: Of course, always watch your little ones! Especially if they are standing on a counter washing the mirror.  These are meant to be parent-guided chores!

Vacuuming for toddlers:
He used to HATE the vacuum, but once when he spilled cheerios all over the floor and I made him vacuum them up, he decided it was awesome!  Since the whole vacuum is too heavy for him to push, he just uses the hose and I help him move the big part (is that the technical term?) if needed.  He only does the living room rug, mostly because it's a small space and the majority of the mess is his anyway.  He focuses on the large noticeable pieces that are fun to suck up (and sometimes I throw a few cereal pieces on there to make it more exciting).  Of course I usually have to go back over it with the regular vacuumy part (no that's the technical term!), but thats okay!

Washing mirrors for toddlers:
This is what Riley calls "washy washy". I will spray the mirror and then let him stand on the counter with a paper towel and 'washy washy' away. He loves it so much that he usually wants to do it again and again (so sometimes he gets the bottom of the windows too...) He usually does a pretty decent job, although he does lean against the mirror with his other hand so I have to re-wash the mirror anyway to get his handprints off!

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