Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Decor

I've always wanted to be one of those fun moms that decorates for all the holidays.  I'm just never on top of things, as anyone who hoped to have regular blog posts from me knows.
St. Patrick's day though, is one that I have been somewhat successful with.  To me, St. Patrick's day is the start of spring and a chance to celebrate our Irish heritage.  I usually make some traditional Irish food (we'll be having Irish stew and potato cakes tomorrow) and put out some simple decorations that brighten things up a bit.  Here is what I did this year:

This is our kitchen table centerpiece.  It was super cheap, super easy, and it's probably my favorite.  The dot fabric is a placemat I bought from the dollar store a couple years ago.  I intended on making a bag out of it but of course never got around to it. :)  The bottle is a sparkling cider bottle that I just took the lable off, and the shamrocks were cut out of paint samples from walmart then taped onto sticks. (I bought a 25 cent dowel and cut it up)  I am going to change the shamrocks to flowers this week to be an easter/spring decoration, maybe I'll post that too! Total cost (if you include the placemat) a whole $1.25. Sweet!

 This is another one that I am going to change with the seasons.  Here is another one of the same placemats.  The "candlesticks" are fancy glasses that I got from the thrift store for 30-50 cents apiece.  The candles cost $1 for all at the thrift store as well (wish they matched, but oh well)  And the ribbon is just wrapped around and pinned in the back, spent a whole 10 cents on a roll of clearance Christmas ribbon (which I should have also put on the top candle, but never did).  So this was more expensive, about $3.50 for everything, but it is something that is a permanent fixture on top of the piano and I will just change the mat and ribbon with the seasons.

This is one that I actually made two years ago when I was stuck in bed after giving birth to the kiddo.  I hand sewed the shamrocks out of an old green t-shirt and stuffed them with the stuffing out of an old pillow.  The words "lucky" and "Irish" are embroidered in leftover ribbon and they are strung on more leftover ribbon.  Because it was entirely recycled, I'm going to say it was FREE! (my apologies about the bad photo, its pretty impossible to get a good photo of this wall.)

What kind of simple/cheap decorating ideas have you done for different holidays? I'd love some ideas!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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