Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inspiration Sunday: What my shoes taught me

We recently had a youth activity with our girls that I thought was quite creative.  We called it "The Worth of 'Soles'" (as opposed to souls).  We gave each girl an assignment to bring a pair of shoes which would in some way describe them, had them all present their shoes to each other, then discussed how although we are all unique and different, we are all of equal worth to God.

Although us adult leaders didnt present our own shoes, I couldn't stop thinking about what I would have done if we had.  I would have brought my favorite shoes that I hardly ever wear:

I originally bought these shoes to be my wedding shoes.  I rarely splurge on something nice like fancy shoes, but I fell in love with these and hey, it was my wedding, right? They aren't the most comfortable to walk in, but I figured I'd mostly be standing around and just having photos taken, so it wouldn't be a big deal.  I had the perfect dress and the perfect shoes and it was going to be perfect.

So how do these shoes describe me? They describe me because I never did wear them for my wedding.  Now I can hear you thinking "Huh?" Let me explain.... Before I got married, I had this idea of what the perfect wedding would look like, of what my dress and my hair and my shoes would look like. Likewise, before I "grew up" (okay I'll admit it, I'm not totally grown up yet, but you know what I mean), I had an idea of what my perfect life would look like.  I would have this many (intelligent and well behaved) kids and that house and this car and everything else. 

Well, like I mentioned, my wedding didn't look the way I'd planned, even though I'd planned it for over two years.  I made the mistake of wearing my cute wedding shoes around town the day before - which involved walking for a couple miles.  The next day when I tried to put them on for my wedding, it hurt to bad to even put them on - there was no way I could wear them for the wedding!

Instead, I wore my favorite comfy tennis shoes. Flat, soft, roomy - and certainly not fancy or new.  But they were a birthday gift from my husband, and they were soooo comfortable.

After my wedding, my little sister asked if I was disappointed that I had to wear ugly shoes for my wedding.  She was pretty surprised when I said no.  I realized that even though it didn't look perfect, my wedding was perfect because I had all the essentials - I married the right person in the right place, surrounded by those who meant the most to me. Who cares that my dress was wrinkled and my slip kept slipping (haha as you can see in the photo) and my shoes were ugly? Who cares that we were late for our own wedding and most of our pictures didn't work out or that we were super uncomfortable because it was over 100 degrees?  What our wedding looked like didn't define our relationship or our love.
Okay so back to how this has to do with me.  My life so far hasn't turned out how my 'perfect' life plan looked.  I realize there are still plenty of years ahead, but I don't think it's going to turn out the way I expected.  Thats okay.  I am happy with the life I have because I have the essentials and because it is the life that God has given me.  It's okay if I don't have the right number of well behaved children.  It's okay if I don't have the right house or the right car or anything else.  It's okay that my house is a mess because I decided to play with the kiddo instead of clean, or that we're having macaroni and cheese (again) for dinner because thats just what sounds good.  Those things aren't what matters.
My wedding shoes taught me to be content with what I have and to realize what is most important.  I still own both pairs of shoes, and I probably will for a long time.  They remind me of this important lesson:

"I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."
-Phillipians 4:11
"I ought to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me."
-Alma 29:3


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