Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fire Truck Birthday Cake

Okay okay I know I'm WAAAAYYY behind the times. I get it.  For some reason, I think I am busier now that I stay at home. Can't explain that one.  Anyway, it's definitely time to catch up.

This is just short, but I want to share with you what we did for the kiddo's second birthday party last month. (I CANNOT believe he is already two!)  We did a firetruck themed birthday (at his request) and just invited some family for cake and ice cream.  I did not go all-out on the decor like I would have wanted, simply because his party was two days after my last day at work, so I was a little preoccupied and didn't get as much done as I'd hoped.  I hung up some red, yellow, and white balloons (those are fire-y colors, right?) and some red and white streamers (I admit, leftover from Christmas) and we brought his ride on fire truck, fireman hat, and fireman jacket from his room (he refused to sit in the truck, wear the hat, or wear the jacket) But I'm still proud of the cake (my first ever decorated cake!), so I'll share that with you.

First, we got this firetruck set from the dollar store:
It wasn't quite as firetruck-esque as I would have liked, but when he saw it he knew it was a fire truck, so that was enough for me.  We actually ended up getting two of these sets, so that I could use the extra road signs. (and because he couldn't bear to part with the truck long enough for it to be on the cake)
I just used a cake mix, which I usually think is gross, but somehow this cake turned out really yummy.  Maybe because I let him make his own cake:
Yes, I let him dump all the ingredients together and do the mixing. I let him do this quite often now, he loves to help in the kitchen! I hope I have a master chef on my hands, I'd love some good food around here!
Of course, after it was baked, I mixed up the frosting and did the decorating.  Here are a few shots of that:

Like I said, I've never really decorated a cake before, so this was a fun adventure.  The road is chocolate frosting, and the rest is buttercream with food coloring. I'd give you the recipe but there isn't one. (Yes, that makes it very frustrating to teach and to learn) It took me years to master and I still usually don't get it right.  But this is one of those family things that is just passed down from mom to daughter and is totally done by texture, not measurement.
So anyway, hopefully you can see my artistic vision here... the truck is going to put out this mound of yellow frosting with orange and red sprinkles that is overtaking the mounds of green frosting. Ahem, I mean, a forest fire. (we put the candles in the "fire" for added effect, but I didn't get a good shot of that as the lighting was bad)
You know me, always trying to do things super-cheap! In total, his birthday party cost a total of...maybe $10, if you include the balloons and streamers (which I already had) and the plates and forks (leftover from hubby's birthday).
Now, I promise I'll be better about posting in March... but you know how my promises go... :)

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