Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simplicity 2599 Pattern Review

Okay I am way behind (as usual) in posting some pattern reviews.  I made this shirt with Simplicity 2599 view B back in December.

Simplicity 2599
I scored this material for $1/yd at Walmart. It is a chiffon in what I would call a 'dirty yellow' color.  I couldn't (and still can't) decide if the color is ugly or not, but for $1/yd, it was worth it.  The pattern was pretty easy to follow, and is made specifically for these silky shapeless types of material.  My main problem was in the back (I added a loop for the button, because a buttonhole just sounded tacky) and in the front flounce ruffles.  A flouce ruffle is made by using a circle or spiral piece and stretching the smaller end straight.  The directions called for HEMMING a CHIFFON CIRCLE with a 1/4 in hem. For the record, that is IMPOSSIBLE. I tried it. It wasn't going to happen.  So I ended up doing a fake thin serge with a buttonhole stitch.  The ends must be finished because the material frays very easily.
I highly recommend this pattern, especially if you want to attempt to make a nice shirt out of something silky.  Some hints for sewing this shirt with a silky material: PINS PINS PINS. pins are your friend. use a million of them. Also make sure they are new and very sharp, because most silky materials will pull if you put the pin in slightly wrong, or if you put a dull pin in.  Second: use a new #9 needle on your machine.  A dull needle will pull and look terrible, and a #9 is made for these kinds of thin silky things.  Finally: patience. you'll need it, but it will be worth it.

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