Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Journey Home part 4: Getting Organized

So I told you in a previous post that I was putting a schedule together to try to stay on track with my house cleaning and such.  I wanted to share that with you today and let you know how it is going so far.
First I want to say that when I first heard about a housekeeping schedule I thought it was pretty ridiculous.  Why not just clean what needs to be cleaned whenever it needs cleaning? Because then you will be cleaning all day every day and nothing will ever be finished. At least if you are me.  This is something that I based on what I learned reading the book 'The Art of Homemaking' by Daryl Hoole (one of the best books ever!)  She suggests certain chores that need to be done daily, and some that can be done weekly or bi-weekly.  So what I did first was determine what needs to be done daily.  I then split my house into 14 different sections.  I will focus on one section each day, so each room gets a good deep clean once every two weeks.

My schedule and calendar

My daily chores are:
-Wipe counter and oven
-organize kitchen table (a catch-all for mail and whatever else we bring into the house)
-a load of laundry
-vacuum downstairs rug (this could be done like 5 time a day.  That thing is abused!)
-make beds
-general pick-up of toys, putting dirty clothes in baskets, etc

Then my biweekly chores are:
-Master Bath
-Master Bedroom
-Master closet and laundry room
-Upstairs bath
-The kiddo's bedroom
-Sewing room
-Computer (yes, I counted cleaning up my computer files and organizing my blog, etc as a day of cleaning.)
-Living room
-Under stairs
-Guest bathroom and Pantry
-Dining area

I left the easier tasks for Sundays, and can push them into Monday if I feel it is too much work for a Sunday.

I listed everything that I need to do in each of those rooms so that I have specific goals to accomplish.
I also have printed out a calendar page for each month this year, so that I can keep track of tasks and appointments as well as which chores I need to do on which days.  The photo is what my calendar looked like on Friday.  Now it is quite full at least to the end of this week as well.

So far it has been going pretty well. I like having a specific goal written out of what to do each day, so I dont just wander around aimlessly cleaning and never accomplishing anything!  Yesterday I did the living room, which includes cleaning under the couch cushions and moving the couch and rug and cleaning underneath.  Guess what I found? The missing puzzle piece we looked EVERYWHERE for, the missing library book that I was going to have to pay for this Friday, $1 in change, and about an entire box of cereal that the kiddo had been hiding to make me think he ate his breakfast. (luckly he takes it dry with no milk!) It was a really great day!!  I also did 3 loads of laundry (which I hung to dry since our dryer isn't working at the moment), the dishes, ran errands, and made a lasagne before the hubby came home. Today is under the stairs day, which I am dreading.  (thats where all our shoes and jackets are dumped when we come in the house) But it should be fast which means I have time for more laundry, some sewing projects, and hubby requested leftovers for dinner (wahoo!) so no cooking there.

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