Friday, January 4, 2013

Simplicity 1943 Pattern Review

Simplicity 1943
I recently made Simplicity 1943 as a sample for JoAnn's.  This should have been a really simple bolero jacket, but my poor fabric choice really ruined things for me.  I did view F, which I was happy about, the others weren't really my style.  I think it is a cute addition to a strapless or sleeveless dress to make it modest.  I used a black taffeta for the shell from the special occassions collection at JoAnn's.  The material is really awesome (check out those swirls!) and was originally super expensive but I scored a great deal on it (I think 65% off?) by combining my discount card with a sale price.  The lining is black costume satin from WalMart.  Both of these were bad choices.  The taffeta is pretty for sure, but the swirls make it hard to sew, some places are thick and others are not, and this makes all the edges look jaggedy no matter how straight your seams are.  The costume satin was horrid! It was flimsy, slippery, and just DID NOT want to be sewn.  The pattern was easy enough, although it got a bit tricky when it came to turning the garment right side out and sewing up the side.  I ended up having to do it completely different, mostly because both my materials were threatening to rip and also because it wouldn't cooperate to be sewn that way.  So, there are some exposed seams under the arms. Nobody will care but me. The sizing was weird as well, I think the back piece is too big.  When I get it back I will experiment with cutting the back in half and sewing a back seam to make it a bit smaller. (unless someone medium-large out there is interested in owning this one?)  Would I recommend the pattern? Yes, but be prepared to make up your own directions and do some alterations.

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