Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Journey Home Part 3: The Last Day

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Right now at this very moment I am sitting at my desk for my very last hour of work. I thought it would be so strange, sitting here in the same seat I have spent countless hours in for the past almost seven years, but it feels totally normal.  Knowing that this is the last time I will do this one thing that I have done a million times before.  Maybe it just hasn't set it that I'm not coming back next week.

People keep asking me if it feels so weird knowing this is my last day, but it doesn't.  It reminds me of our wedding day.  People kept asking me if I was nervous, but I never once felt nervous.  It just felt normal, like this is what is supposed to happen and this is when it is supposed to happen.  Hard to explain, but it helps me know that this is the right decision.

It has been so wonderful to see the support that I have been given from coworkers, even those that I never expected.  Most of my superiors are proud 'career women' - which is expanded further when you consider they fought their way in the male-dominated field of science.  But even they gave kind thoughts of "I really admire you, I wish I had the patience to have stayed home with my daughter" and "I even took a few years off when my kids were really young."  Others (admittedly, mostly men) have literally cheered when they heard why I was leaving (cheered in support, not in a 'hooray we got rid of her!' way).  Honestly one of my fears when I was preparing to hand in (ehh... e-mail) my notice was that people would put me down for this decision, (especially because I work in a laboratory with a very liberal culture) but it has actually been quite the opposite.  Many have told me that they believe we need more stay-at-home moms, that every sacrifice is worth staying home with your children, and even though I have always had these convictions, to hear these things coming from people that I always assumed would mock me for this decision is SO encouraging.

Over the next few days (okay, lets face it, probably weeks) I'll tell you more about my transition to domestic bliss, but I just wanted to share a bit of how I feel right now, just before the  start of a wonderful new beginning.

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