Monday, December 10, 2012

Inspiration Sunday: When Something Seems Impossible

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Have you ever had an experience that just seemed impossible?  Like a "How did that just happen? That is just not logically possible!" experience?

In my (short, yes) life, I have observed that whenever something seemingly impossible happens, it is most definitely the hand of God.

In my lesson today I was discussing my journey through education with the girls.  I explained that 10 years ago, when I was their age, I never planned on being a wife and a mom - I planned on being a scientist.  I was going to cure diseases, I was going to be famous, I was going to change the world!  I wrote this in a time capsule that we made for a youth activity.  It was to be opened this summer, 10 years later.  "Dear self: You had better be pretty close to being a world renowned neurologist by this time.  Don't you dare let me down, I've worked hard for this! Love, me."

I was well on my way, taking some very advanced courses and set to get my bachelors degree early with a double major.  I was interning for some big labs.  I had connections in high science-y places.  I was involving God in my education, asking for guidance as to which classes I should take, which direction I should go, and the answer was always 'keep going, you can do this!'

Then, the impossible happened.  I went from a 3.8 GPA to failing in 1 semester.  I tried to register to retake the classes and got a letter from the school informing me that they had lost my registration.  They had no record of me being a student.  It was gone.  Gone.

How can years of hard work just disappear like that?  How does a computer system loose ONE person in tens of thousands?  I had disappeared. How?

I turned to God, totally devastated, lost, and confused.  I got an answer, and my answer was: "That was your answer."

So this summer, as I opened that time capsule and read about how I had better be changing the world as a world famous neurologist, I wished it were possible to write a letter to my fourteen year old self.  If I could, it would say: "Dear self:  You are going to change the world.  You are going to have the most important job there is - you are going to be a mommy.  Trust me, I didn't let you down.  You'll see.  Love, me."

Your Heavenly Father has plans for you bigger than you can ever imagine.  If you face an 'impossible' fork in the road, remember: With God all things are possible!  You just may be witnessing His guiding hand.

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