Monday, December 17, 2012

Finding Joy in the Journey (when it all goes wrong!)

I apologize for the shot blogging break... once you hear my story you may understand. I had some great posts ready for you this weekend, and then... well... it all went wrong.

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Saturday was supposed to be hubby's birthday party.  I spent Friday and Saturday preparing food (my hands still smell like onions! ugh!) But then, the real excitement began. He had thought that he passed a kidney stone earlier in the week (this happens once every few months at our house) but it came back with a vengance on Saturday.  Not wanting to spoil his party and all the hard work I had put into it, he tried to ignore it.  He went out and got me breakfast.  He shoveled the driveway, he shoveled a walking path through the yard to the church, he shoveled the neighbors driveway, he came in and said he was going to take a break and then help me with the preparations.... and then told me that the pain was back. He couldn't take it anymore, and it was time to go to the hospital and get 'real drugs' to help him manage the pain.  So the party was cancelled, the afternoon was spent at the hospital, and the evening was spent watching movies together while he was in and out of drowsy sleep. (which was also a lovely break from the holiday/birthday stress I'd had all week!)

So why did hubby wait so long to go to the hospital? He didn't want to make me upset.  Just by doing this, instead of make me upset, he made me so happy.  He showed me how much he loves me, which was better than being able to host my party!

So the lesson learned was in finding joy in the journey.  Don't place all your happiness in the end destination, because you may never get there.  Find joy along the way, and realize that although sometimes you end up somehwere you didn't expect, that place can be just as wonderful.  I heard a story from a friend once who has a disabled child.  It was a poem about how everyone wants to go to Italy, and she dreamed about going to Italy her whole life, but then when she tried to get there, she ended up in Holland.  She kept hearing from all her friends who had gone to Italy, but instead of being upset that she didn't get there, she found that Holland, although different than Italy, was just as wonderful.  I think that this story applies to many things in life, not just having a child with a disability.  You can choose to be happy with what you have been given, and you can choose to realize that although what you have been given might be different than what you initially wanted, it is in many ways just as wonderful.

(But don't worry, we still plan on hosting the party, and I will share it all with you.)

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  1. Kourtney,

    I clicked on your post, having never visited your blog, because the title of your post is the title of my devotional book for homeschooling mothers. How interesting to note that though your post told a very different story, the underlying spiritual truth was there -- don't be so concentrated on the destination that you miss the joy along the way. God bless you for adding your AMEN. :) Best wishes for your hubby's recovery, too!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Lori! We must have been on a similar wavelength this week. :) He is feeling much better now, and we were able to hold a smaller version of the party on Monday.