Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21 Days project: I DID IT!! and book review

Today is November 21, which means my 21 Days Project is complete!

The sewing room looks FABULOUS. I wish I could just spend all of my time in there. Check it out! So much better than Day 1!
Here's the (organized!) closet.  Each of those plastic grocery sacks holds a 'project in progress'.  Seriously one of the best ideas I've ever had.  That way I don't have to search for the zipper or the pattern or this piece or that piece, they are all contained in the bag.  It has been so incredible!

The view from the doorway.  The iron and ironing board are under the table, which was moved under the window to create more working space (now I can use the table or the floor, wheras before there was no floor area big enough.)  That piece on the floor is the beginning of my latest project, Simplicity 1776.  Hopefully I'll have it done before hubby's office Christmas party next weekend!

I know it would look real nice to have fancy boxes with a cute color or pattern, but I got these paper boxes for free and they are AWESOME.  Strong, with a lid, all the same size... FREE. Yeah. The best.  If you are looking for some great boxes, stop by a local office building and ask if you can have the boxes their reams of paper come in. I hoard these things! So each box contains a different type of fabric.  I used these categories: fleece; flannel & felt; laces, silks, satins, & sheers; knits, polyester, and apparel; patterned cotton & calico; solid cotton, muslin, & broadcloth; and then two boxes of old clothes for upcycling (one for pants/skirts the other for tops).  The brown box up at the tippy top of the right side is for scraps that I can use for my braided rug.  The drawer unit on the far left is still a bit of a mess, but it contains all the extra notions - ribbons, zippers, buttons, etc.  The small boxes on the left shelves are the patterns.  I have four boxes - modern womens; vintage womens; unisex/men/craft/decor; and children.
Now, I honestly have to say that this would not have been accomplished if it were not for 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life.  Not only did I finish this great project of organizing my sewing room, but I have seen a major change in my life to become more disciplined.  I am better able to get myself to do things I don't want to do. (although the laundry basket sitting next to me might make you believe otherwise).  Seriously, ask the hubby! The house as been decently clean for two whole weeks!  That is a major accomplishment here!  Choosing a project related to cleaning was great as well, now that I know this room is clean, I want to keep the rest of the house clean and organized as well.
So, would I suggest 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life to you? Yes.  I'm not just saying that, I seriously think it's a great book!  When you first get it you might think that it is so short, but really, just reading those few pages every day does wonders to change your habits.  My mom always told me that great things come in small packages, and this is one of those great things.  If you honestly read the book and follow what it says, it WILL help you! Try it!
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