Sunday, November 4, 2012

21 Days... Days 2, 3, and 4

This weekend was supposed to be the 'big steps' for my sewing room reorganization project.  After some blood, sweat, and tears (yes, all three.) I am NOT where I expected to be, and am having to reconsider my final result and the steps to get there.

Here's what happened: My plan was to put shelves up in our 'cubby' overflow and then move the junk from the closet into decorative boxes on the shelves.  Too many problems were thrown in.  First, the shelves I had were too small. much to small. like one box to a shelf... if I was lucky. (next time measure the WIDTH, not just the length, when buying shelves!) Hubby didn't like the shelf idea anyway. He didnt like the moving the junk out of the closet idea at all. So instead, we cleaned out our bedroom closet. well... kinda, we actually just emptied it onto the bedroom floor before the little prince woke up. When I said it was going to get worse before it got better, I didn't know it was going to get this bad!  Also, on Friday, my grandma gave me three large bags of fabric scraps.  I CANNOT turn down free vintage material!  However, I also cannot find a place to put it all, and now my entire upstairs is torn apart.

So, the plan tomorrow: change the final vision of how the room will look, rewrite my steps, and get my upstairs to some semblance of acceptableness - before noon. (cause I've got errands to run!)

I won't be posting any pictures today (really, you don't want to see it) but I promise you I will soon!

Each day there are also additional projects in the book to help you develop discipline.
Day 2 was to choose a simple daily habit to improve (like putting your purse away).  It says specifically to only choose one, but I am choosing two. First is making the bed.  I've been pretty good the last two weeks or so but it still isn't a habit.  Second is the dishes. I tend to let them pile up and then do them when we have nothing to cook/eat with. I know it's naughty, and it's time to change.

Day 3 was to change implement a positive habit and/or change part of your routine to give you a productivitiy boost. Mine will be to have a set time in the morning to do some quick chores while listening to uplifing music/speakers/scriptures.

Day 4 was to realize that one at a time, slow and steady, is the way to change your habits and make the change stick.  Instead of choosing a new habit to start or change, I deciding I am on the brink of overwhelmed already  and took time to slow down and think through the stress.

wheeww... wish me luck that I can get through this thing!!

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