Friday, October 26, 2012

Simplicity 2150 Pattern Review

In late August I was contacted by my local Joann's store asking if I would be interested in being a sewing instructor. I had given them my name and number in the spring, and I was sure they would never call me, but it was something that sounded like a fun challenge so I went for it.  To my surprise, months later one of the sewing instructors came down with a severe illness and they needed me - NOW.  So, I was given two weeks to sew four items as samples to advertise the classes - a jacket, a knit shirt, a cotton top, and pajama pants.  I was just happy that I even finished sewing all that stuff in such a short time, and was beaming with pride when the education manager called to say that she was very pleased.  Even more proud because I have never sewn a jacket and never successfully sewn a knit until now. (don't tell anyone... I am a professional, remember?)

Since I always like to find pattern reviews before I use a pattern, I thought I’d share reviews for the patterns I use with you.  This is one of the patterns I used for the September and October classes. 

This Jacket is Simplicity 2150 view B.  I made it from a houndstooth print cotton suiting... and absolutely fell in love with suiting.  I wish I had something to make with more suiting, beacuse that stuff is so great to sew with! The pattern is much easier than it looks, so this is a good project to impress your friends.  I zoomed through it until I realized that I had somehow managed to get the collar on backward (thats what sewing at 3 a.m. will do). It took me awhile to figure out how I did that!

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