Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life Hacks

A coworker recently introduced me to the term “Life Hacks”.  Essentially, helpful hints for daily living.  (No wonder I couldn’t find stuff like this online, I didn’t know the right search term!)  Most of these involve recycling one thing to use as something else, which is perfect for me!  I hate throwing perfectly good “garbage” away! I spent a few minutes browsing Google and found a ton of new ideas, here are some that I am going to try:

Hide your valuables in a sunscreen container: Because we all know Jerry Seinfeld was just joking when he said “I’ll just hide my wallet in my shoe while I’m at the beach! No criminal would ever think to look there!”

Soap bottle charging station: Guess what? I just finished a bottle of baby shampoo!  Guess what I’m going to make with it!

Use a toilet paper roll to hold your wrapping paper: This is so much better than a rubber band. Seriously!

Fix a flip-flop with a bread clip: This is one my oldest little brother would think is dumb.  I know he would say “Just buy new shoes!”  But why should I, if I can fix ‘em for free?

Hide money in a Chapstick container: I guess it’s like the sunscreen one, and it’s bad if you loose your ‘chapstick’, but brilliant if you are travelling in an area known for pickpockets.  Wish my credit card and ID could roll up and fit in there too!

Store your cords in toilet paper rolls: Yes! I got SO FRUSTRATED with our giant pile of cords the other day. Now, the frustration will end.

Use a caribiner to hold your groceries: Hubby always makes fun of me for taking multiple trips to bring the groceries in.  No longer! Now I just need a way to hook a few gallons of milk on there…

If you'd like to see more, here's the source for these images!

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