Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello Infobahn!

Everyone keeps telling me I should start a blog. 
More than that, they ask me why I don’t have a blog.
My answer is usually “Well, what would I write about?” And they always say “Whatever you want!”

So, here it goes, I guess.  I really will write about whatever I want – of course I’m not interested in everything so you shouldn’t expect to see any posts about sports or politics or anime.  Probably more like sewing and crafting and cooking and kids and some religion or opinion pieces thrown in for good measure.  That’s what I plan on, at least. I worry that that is just too many topics for anyone to be interested.  But I worry that nobody would be interested in anything I write, too.

As the name of the blog implies, I’ll be talking about things relating to home – and I know there’s a ton of bloggers out there talking about homemaking and homeschooling and homesteading and homewhatevering and they are all a thousand times better at what they do than I am.  I just hope that someone somewhere someday will read something that I write and actually like it.  Who knows, maybe I really could be a good blogger like some people think.

As far as the rest of the blog title and what it has to do with anything:
Our: this is about me, my family, our opinions, our beliefs, our projects, and the things we do.  I am not endorsed by anybody, I am not officially representing anybody (except myself).  Do not take my opinion to be the opinion of everyone I associate with, please.  Also, I am sorry if you don’t like what I say, but this is my forum and I have the freedom to write what I please.

Deseret: I am writing this blog from Deseret – the land that my ancestors dreamed of and worked their rear ends off to establish.  Yes, it’s Utah now, but to me (ever thinking of the past) it is still that utopian Zion where all is well.  I don’t know that it really ever was the heaven-on-earth that people expected it to be, but I always think that perhaps with a little positive thinking it can be heaven to me. 

Deseret was not only about being a place of refuge and peace, but a place of industry and thrift.  Thrift is my expertise. Industry, not so much (but I hope to get there someday).  Topics like prudence, frugality, productiveness, and diligence are also on the menu here.

Home: Like I mentioned earlier, what I will write will relate to home, family, etc.

I especially like the meaning of the three words together – Our Deseret Homethis is a blog about my journey to creating a home that is a refuge from the world in a way that is thrifty and industrious.

Well, there you have it folks, that is what this blog is all about! (I only just discovered it by writing that line.)  Please, please, please, somebody, somewhere, please, read this blog and let me know that you read it! I don’t want to write to the depths of cyberspace, I want to write to YOU (whoever you are…)

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