Monday, January 19, 2015

Temple Coloring Sheets

Hello!  I know it has been a very long while since I posted on this blog.  I have been posting regularly on my homeschooling blog ( since most of my posts have been homeschool related.  Check me out there if you'd like!  So far I've posted lots of fun preschool activities for literacy and gospel learning. :)

Anyway, I've been getting a HUGE response on the Godhead lesson page I posted last year (to the tune of 9,000 views huge) so I thought I'd share another fun free resource, if nothing else to thank the visitors who stop by for that page.  Years ago I made these temple coloring pages, but I ended up abandoning the project and not posting them because I thought... well, who wants to color a temple?  They're all white. What's the point?  That was before I had kids that could color. :)
We printed out four of these temples for Stake Conference yesterday, and it was so fun!  We ended up with a few technicolor temples, and few where the temple stayed white but sky and landscaping were added.  Really, the possibilities are endlessly fun.  I did not put names on the bottom so they could also be used for games (guess where this temple is!) etc.  Great to keep the kids occupied at church, FHE, Primary lessons, etc.

*This post was updated with better quality images formatted to print on standard letter-size paper on 6/25/2016.*

(Click here to go to the album of all the pages, or scroll down to preview them all)

** Please note: I am not a computer expert - the original files for many of these images are much larger (full 8x10+ size) and higher quality, but I couldn't figure out how to upload them with that kind of quality.  If you want a larger or sharper image, feel free to comment or contact me and I can e-mail you the original quality file.  Directions on how to upload the originals is also appreciated. :)

These pictures are free for personal or church use, but please do not sell them, use them to make a profit, or pretend that you made them. It took me MANY hours to draw all of these, please respect my time. :)

TO PRINT: Right click the picture you want and select "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in New Window" from the drop down menu, then right click and select "print"

Apia Samoa:

Atlanta Georgia:

Boston Massachusetts:

Bountiful & Mount Timpanogos Utah:

Campinas Brazil:

Cardston Alberta:

Cochabamba Bolivia:

Columbia River Washington:

Copenhagen Denmark:

Denver Colorado:

Draper Utah:

Frankfurt Germany:

Freiburg Germany:

Gila Valley Arizona:

Hamilton New Zealand (or Bern Switzerland):

Helsinki Finland:

Idaho Falls Idaho:

Jordan River Utah:

Logan Utah:

Los Angeles California:

Manhattan New York:

Nauvoo Illinois:

Orlando Florida:

Provo or Ogden (old) Utah:

Sacramento California:

Sao Paulo Brazil:

Seattle Washington:

Toronto Ontario Canada:

Washington DC:

New 'long' style Temples: 
(Curitiba Brazil, Manaus Brazil, Oquirrh Mountain Utah, Rexburg Idaho, Twin Falls Idaho, Vancouver British Columbia You could also use the front view for the new Dual Steeple Temples: Brigham City Utah, Kansas City Missouri, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Rome Italy)
side view option:

front view option:

New 'square' style Temples:
(Calgary Alberta, Cebu City Philippines, Kyiv Ukraine, Ogden Utah (new), Panama City Panama, Quetzaltenango Guatemala, San Salvador El Salvador, Tegucigalpa Honduras)

1980's "Ark" Temples:
(Boise Idaho, Buenos Aires Argentina, Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas, Guatemala City Guatemala, Johannesburg South Africa, Las Vegas Nevada, Lima Peru, Manila Philippines, Portland Oregon, Seoul Korea, Stockholm Sweden, Taipei Taiwan)
option 1:

option 2:

2000's Small Temples:
(Aba Nigeria, Accra Ghana, Adelaide Australia, Asuncion Paraguay, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Birmingham Alabama, Bismarck North Dakota, Brisbane Australia, Caracas Venezuela, Ciuadad Juarez Mexico, Colonia Juarez Mexico, Columbia South Carolina, Columbia River Washington, Columbus Ohio, Detriot Michigan, Edmonton Alberta, Fresno California, Fukuoka Japan, Guadalajara Mexico, Halifax Nova Scotia, Hermosillo Sonora Mexico,  Kona Hawaii, Louisville Kentucky, Lubbock Texas, Medford Oregon, Melbourne Australia, Memphis Tennessee, Merida Mexico,Monterrey Mexico, Montevideo Uruguay, Monticello Utah, Montreal Quebec, Nashville Tennessee, Oaxaca Mexico, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Palmyra New York, Perth Australia, Porto Alegre Brazil, Raleigh North Carolina, Regina Saskatchewan, Reno Nevada, San Antonio Texas, San Jose Costa Rica, St. Paul Minnesota, Suva Fiji, Tampico Mexico, The Hague Netherlands, Tuxtla Guiterrez Mexico, Veracruz Mexico, Villahermosa Mexico, Winter Quarters Nebraska)
option 1:

option 2: